Complete Rebuilds and Restoration


At our Vancouver locations, we can fully rebuild your old and used boat and make it new for you to fully enjoy for many years to come. An estimate of the boat's condition is done prior to a rebuild or restoration. A full restoration includes an overhaul of the hull, the boat motors, electric systems, pumps, main engines, gauges, pipes and hoses, and work on the shafts, rudders, propellers and zinks. We can help bring your used boat up to "key turn" conditions.

For references on past rebuilds, please don't hesitate to call us.

Not looking for a full restoration? We also perform partial repairs and rebuilds, including on boat motors. Our boat repair service can be used for small alterations, large jobs and everything in between. Examples of the services we offer include battery changes, wire changes, oil changes and engine rebuilds.

Our company has qualified staff to get the job done right. We have skilled technicians with experience in fibreglass repair, painting, cleaning, mechanical gas and diesel servicing and electrical AC&DC servicing. For a full list of our repairs, please refer to our "Boat Services and Repair" page.

It takes about 3-20 days turnaround for repairs, though rush jobs are available during working hours or by appointment. Repairs can take place at both our Ladner and Granville Island locations, though the price of rebuild or restore varies according to location. Both location prices are pretty comparable and affordable. Ladner rates are $75 per hour per man on the job, with $6.25 per foot launching and hauling out the boat. Our Granville Island rates are 20 per cent higher than the Ladner rates.






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